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At Norvil we offer a wide range of attractive, comfortable and high-quality uniforms for the service sector. We design and manufacture corporate clothing for: cleaning staff, drivers, security guards, security staff, industrial employees and sales and retail personnel.

When creating these collections, we consider the specific needs of each job. Thus, uniforms for cleaning staff have ergonomic designs that make them feel comfortable and are both resistant and breathable.

Regarding workwear for security guards and security staff, these meets the requirements established in the current regulations and may include high visibility elements and / or technical fabrics.

Another similar case is the uniforms that we design for different industrial specialties. Among the Personal Protective and Safety Equipment (PPE) that we offer to our customers, we also have specific clothing for food companies.

When it comes to sales and retail staff, they pay special attention to their image and in this regard Norvil can handle everything! We are always at the vanguard of design. Norvil offers collections that combine the experience in corporate wear with our taste for fashion.

Besides that, if you need a personalized design, remember that our team of specialist can help you to make a unique project for your brand come true.

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