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Couriers perform a double function within the delivery companies. They not only deliver packages but they also represent your company. The contact of the clients with the parcel companies happen mainly with the couriers, far from offices and delivery trucks. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the image of the uniforms that the courier workers wear daily.

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Employees that belong to this industry have to spend long driving hours and make physical efforts. Therefore, the comfort of workwear is an essential element. 

Our collection of uniforms for couriers has been made from a combination of polyester and cotton that combines comfort, breathability and freedom of movement. Moreover, given the demands of these uniforms, they are exposed to frequent washings. For this reason, our uniforms are made of machine washable, color resistant and easy to iron synthetic fabrics.

In this section, you will find jackets, shirts, trousers and all the clothing that you need so that your team of drivers looks with the style you are looking for.

In addition, if you are looking for a more personalized design or you do not find the ideal solution for your brand; at Norvil we have a team of professionals who will be happy to help you create a tailor-made proposal to best suit your needs.