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Medical clothing has always been a differentiating element of this sector. Although styles have evolved in recent decades, uniforms such as coats and tunics have maintained their classic and formal essence and are easily identifiable. Health care is a field where the image, by its significance, takes on a special importance. For this reason, we have taken particular care in the small details of its design by creating a collection that goes from the most traditional uniforms to the most innovative proposals, without losing its distinctive essence.

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Healthcare professions are characterized by its closeness. Given the intense daily rhythm, it is normal that uniforms get stains and wrinkles throughout the day, causing a negative effect on the image of the medical professional who wears them. For this reason, only resistant clothes can be suitable for the intense washing required.

At Norvil, we use fabrics with a special combination of polyester and cotton, which combine cleaning, breathability and easy ironing properties of the synthetic fabric with the comfort and finish which characterized the cotton fabric.

Working at clinics and hospitals also requires freedom of movement. Our coats and tunics have been made for the maximum comfort of medical professionals.

Discover our collection of uniforms for medical personnel. You can find further information by clicking on the pictures in this section and, if you have any questions please contact us and we will help you solve them personally.

If you do not find the uniforms you are looking for, we can put at your disposal a multidisciplinary team to create a customized project that can suits the needs of your brand. We can even go beyond corporate customization with embroidery or printing.