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For this reason, the figure of the doorman in the reception area is particularly important as it is part of the customer's experience and the guest's first contact with the Hotel. At Norvil, we have recognized the importance of hotel staff uniforms and since we know there are no second chances to make a first good impression we have created a collection of hotel doorman uniforms with an elegant design that follows the latest trends in fashion.

Since the doorman work implies some physical effort, our uniforms have been conceived as a tool where comfort is a key factor, allowing for freedom of movement as well as breathability and resistance.

Discover our collection of uniforms for doorman composed of a wide range of coats, jackets, tailcoats and waistcoats designed to dress this section of your hotel.

You can access the product sheet of each model by clicking on the picture.

Moreover, if you need a customized design or you do not find an adequate solution to your needs, remember that Norvil has a team of professionals always ready to face the challenges of your company.