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If the way of dressing is key element for the image of a company, in the case of flight attendants and hostesses´ uniform, this acquires a special relevance. The image that the uniforms of these professionals and brand ambassadors convey is so important that a positive perception will depend on the success of these uniforms.

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The working day of flight attendants and hostesses is characterized by the long periods of time that they spend standing and, in this context, comfort is essential. However, the most elegant uniforms are not always characterized by that comfort.

At Norvil, we understand uniforms in a special way. It is not only a work complement but it must also be a functional tool and, in this case, comfortable, flexible and easy to maintain. All our clothing, and especially the tailoring line, is distinguished by these characteristics. Our selected fabrics enable us to get wrinkle-resistant and easy-care uniforms thanks to the machine-washable possibilities of the same. In addition, our clothing is dye-resistant throughout their lifecycle.

In this section, you will find jackets, shirts, trousers, dresses and all the corporate wear you may need so that your team of hostesses and flight attendants mirror the style you are looking for.

In addition, if you are looking for a more personalized design or you do not find the ideal solution for your brand, at Norvil we have a team of professionals who will be happy to help you create a proposal tailored to your needs.