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Leisure sector

When it comes to leisure activities, we can find a wide range of them, but all of them without distinction help us to relax and to have fun. Therefore, it is important that the employees of these kinds of companies convey the same idea throughout their uniforms.

Our know-how about each one of these professions and the freshness of our design team allows us to launch unique and internationally recognized collections.

The staff of spas and wellness centers, travel agencies, casinos, bingos, museums and theme parks enjoys the unique combination of design, comfort and quality in all the clothing offered by Norvil.

Thus, the corporate clothing for Spas and Wellness Centers are specially designed to offer freedom of movement and comfort at the workplace. Among other materials, we use the NATURA® fabric, which has all the advantages of cotton and none of its disadvantages. This color-lasting and high-endurance fiber transports moisture to the outside where it is quickly evaporated. These uniforms do no need to be ironed, show no deformation along its lifetime and allow industrial washing.

Regarding Casinos and Bingos, it’s very important to know their specific needs to be able to offer elegant, pocket-less and easy-to-clean clothing. Be aware that our tailoring line is machine washable.

When it comes to our Theme Park´s uniforms, they are designed for teams of young people where a simple and modern design and the comfort and breathability of the clothes are decisive.

Do not forget that we can label all the clothes with your employee's name or provide identification badges for that purpose. Moreover, in case you need a more personalized design, our team of specialized professionals can help you make a unique project for your brand come true.

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