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Leisure activities can be very different, but all of them are characterized because their employees ‘uniforms, from the uniform of a museum employee to the t-shirts of the workers of a theme park, are a distinctive hallmark. The fact that these professionals carry out their activity in crowded places, makes it necessary for their uniforms to be easy to stand out from the crowd. For this reason, we have created a collection that maintains the traditional essence of each job while at the same time we have added new lines inspired on the latest trends.

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Norvil is a leading company in the design of stylish corporate wear. If there is something that distinguishes us from the competitors is the knowledge that we have about of each job position, which helps us define, within the design process, their specific needs to finally incorporate them into the corporate clothing that we create.

Museum employees need to combine elegance and comfort. From jackets to trousers, our entire line of tailoring is, in addition to comfortable, machine washable, easy ironing and easy to maintain.

In the case of theme park professionals, breathability and comfort are a must considering the amount of time they are exposed to high temperatures while working outdoors. And so we have designed it.

Have a look at the pictures to discover our collection of workwear for workers of leisure companies.

If you are looking for a more personalized design or if you do not find the ideal solution for your brand, at Norvil we put a team at your disposal to help you find it.