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At Norvil, we analyze the needs of each professional and their functions to create a unique corporate wear solution for each of them. Thanks to the knowledge of each profession and the talent of our design team, who is always attentive to the latest trends, it is possible for us to create internationally recognized collections.

The uniforms we have designed for spa and wellness center staff is distinguished by the combination of design, comfort and quality in each of their clothing.

These uniforms have been made with resistant and comfortable fabrics. Our Natura® fabric is a fiber that transports moisture to the outside where it is quickly dispersed by evaporation. Moreover, this fabric is color-lasting and high-endurance, even when subjected to industrial washing. Another remarkable feature of our uniforms is that they almost do not need to be ironed and show no deformation along its lifetime.

In this section you will find t-shirts, trousers, tunics and dresses designed to dress your team with the style you are looking for your brand.

If you are looking for a more personalized design or if you do not find the ideal solution for your brand, at Norvil we put a team at your disposal to help you find it.