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Catering sector is a world apart in which every detail counts. When we visit a restaurant for the first time, everything draws our attention as if it wanted to tell us something, from the menu to the decoration, needless to say the personal attencion. And that is where the waiters' uniform plays a special role as a complementary element of the restaurant's brand image.

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We know that the work of the waiters and waitress has a special level of physical demand. Therefore, we have worked to create a versatile, comfortable and resistant workwear collection. In addition, at Norvil we are passionate about the catering world and our team has put all its effort to provide our uniforms with a unique touch.

Our waiter´s collection was born from the merge of comfort and resistance. We have studied the most suitable fabrics to get a combination of resistance and comfort without sacrificing quality. Moreover, for the most demanding environments, we also have a suiting collection (All of them machine washable).

Discover our collection of jackets, waistcoats, shirts, trousers and accessories that we have designed for you. You can access the product sheet of each model by clicking on the image.

Also, if you are thinking of a customized design, we have a team of professionals who are specialists in launching projects that can make a difference for your brand.