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Legal notice

Legal note

This domain,, is owned by Norvil, S. A., CIF A33029976, copyright owner as well on the Websites and their contents, notwithstanding to those legitimate rights of third parties.

The owner company is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Asturias, Volume 276, Book 169, Sheet 8201, Entry 1, Sheet 2036, CIF: A33029976, with address for this Legal Notice in Marie Curie St. 6-8, 33211, Gijón/Xixón (Asturias).

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Terms and conditions
By voluntarily accessing this Website, the User undertakes to browse this site in accordance with this Legal Notice, conditions and specific terms contained therein. Merely accessing this Website does not imply any kind of commercial relationship between Norvil, S. A. and the User. 

Legal Notice and/or Conditions of Services provided through this Website may undergo modifications of any kind whenever Norvil, S. A. considers it appropriate, or in order to adapt to future legislative and technological changes. These changes will be duly notified, becoming valid from the moment of appearance on this Website, unless otherwise stated.

Norvil, S. A. reserves the right to suspend or cancel access in the event that it is used to violate any applicable law or the acceptable use of policies on the internet; or if this domain is used in connection with an illegal activity, as well as for any notification received in that sense issued by a competent authority or in further assumptions addressed by current legislation.

By browsing this Website and its services, you, as the User, shall comply with the
following requirements:

  1. Do not enter, store or disseminate through the Website or through any of the services linked to it any computer program, data, virus, codes or any other instrument or electronic device that is likely to cause damage to the Website in any of the services linked to it or in any equipment, systems or networks of the owner of the domain, of any User, its suppliers or, in general, of any third party, or that is otherwise capable of causing any type of alteration or prevent the normal operation of it. 
  2. Do not destroy, alter, disable or damage data, information, programs or electronic documents of the owner of the domain, its suppliers or third parties. 
  3. Do not use the contents and, in particular, the information obtained through this Website to send advertising, messages for direct marketing, for any other commercial purpose, or to collect or store third-party personal data. 
  4. The User must refrain from altering or manipulating any established technical devices, either on the Website, in any of the services or in any of the materials, elements or information obtained through this Website, for the protection of their rights. 
  5. The User shall refrain from eliminating the identifying signs of intellectual, industrial or any other owner or third-party rights that may be included in the Website and its services aforementioned. 
  6. The User shall refrain from any action that could result in a deviation from this Website traffic.

Products and/or services
Norvil, S. A. provides certain services/products to users. These services/products are subjected to the terms and conditions outlined in this Website. The User must read carefully these conditions applied to each service, which in no case exempt unless expressly stated otherwise, the fulfilment of what was reported in this Legal Notice.

Norvil, S. A. devotes itself to avoid errors in the contents published on this Website. All the contents offered through this Website are updated, reserving Norvil, S. A. the right to modify them at any time. Norvil, S. A. is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from errors in the content provided by third parties that may appear on this Website. Norvil, S. A. provides links (directly or indirectly) to resources or Internet sites located outside this Website. The presence of these links on the Website is for informational purposes.

Limitation of Liability
This Website cannot guarantee uninterrupted, timely, safe or error-free, and
permanent availability nor any guarantee is offered concerning the results that may be
obtained from the use of the services or the accuracy or reliability of any information
collected. The user acknowledges that the Website cannot be held liable, nor will ever
be, for content or services provided by third parties on and/or through the Website.
Similarly, the User acknowledges that this Website does not control and does not
ensure the absence of viruses or other harmful elements in the content or services
offered or provided by third parties through the Website.
Norvil, S. A. does not accept responsibility for the content of other websites to which
links are provided, nor any damage or loss that may arise from the connection or the
use of any content, product or service available on the Websites to which those links
are directed. Norvil, S. A. cannot guarantee the availability and proper functioning of
links to other Websites.

Intellectual and industrial property rights
This website and the content it hosts is protected by current legislation concerning
intellectual property. The modification, copying, reproduction, downloading,
transmission, distribution or transformation of the contents of this Website without
the authorisation of the owner of the corresponding rights is prohibited unless allowed
by Law. Access to this Website does not, under any circumstances, imply the
acquisition by users of any intellectual property rights on the contents hosted therein.
References to commercial trademarks, registered trademarks or distinctive signs,
whether they are owned by Norvil, S. A. or third parties, imply that their use is
prohibited without the consent of Norvil, S. A. or their legitimate owners. Under no
circumstances the User, by accessing or using the site, is granted any rights over the
trademarks, logos or distinctive signs included on it and protected by law, unless
otherwise is expressly stated.