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Customized designs

We are the specialist in corporate wear. We create projects adapted to our customers’ needs. We put at your disposal a multidisciplinary team of professionals who will develop together with you a personalized proposal. Discover this way of working with us.

You guide us in the journey of searching for your ideal uniform and we take care of shaping it.

Stock products

  • Wide variety and immediate availability.
  • Without MOQ.
  • Buying facilities: online platform access.

Basic Service

Your logo can tell a lot about
  • Choose stock cloths from our catalogue.
  • Customize them with your logo.
  • Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.*
  • MOQ: 25 units.
  • *Delivery time is subject to stock availability

Plus Service

Colors that identify your
  • Choose stock cloths from our catalogue.
  • Customize them with your logo + your colors + a range of fabrics.
  • Delivery time: 3-4 weeks .
  • MOQ: 75 units.



You’ll make the difference
  • Tell us your idea.
  • Customize it with your logo + your colors + fabrics + patterns.
  • We will send you several proposals until you choose the one that suits you the best.
  • Prototypes patterns possibility.
  • Delivery time: to be evaluated according to the project.
  • MOQ: To be consulted.

How do we work?

Phases of a customized project


1. Consulting

Tell us your ideas and our team will assit you on how to carry out a unique and exclusive project adapted to the needs of your company. We will jointly develop a proposal that meets your expectations regarding a personalized uniform by providing you with a useful work tool that will save you time and money.


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2. Design

Each activity implies different needs. Therefore, our team will design your work clothing considering the specific needs that each job requires. For that purpose, we develop a customized proposal for each client taking into account our top priorities: quality, durability and design.


3.  Quotation

Once we reach an unanimous vision about the project and every detail of the design is agreed upon, it is time to do the math. In this phase of the project, we prepare a detailed free quote. We will consider all your needs and the specific circumstances of your company. 

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4. Taking measurements

This is the moment when the execution of the project starts and so the next step is taking the measurements. At Norvil, we have a wide experience and we know the common problems that may arise during this process, that's why we have the right tools and the qualified personnel who will guarantee a quality service adjusted to your needs.


5. Manufacturing

At Norvil, we have found the perfect symbiosis by combining tailor-made production with industrial manufacturing. The experience of our manufacturing team combined with the latest technology in machinery allows us to produce work uniforms in accordance with our principles (quality, comfort and design) while reducing manufacturing time.

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6.  Delivery

At Norvil we work with national and internationals customers. From our Headquarters located in Asturias, Spain, we are able to deliver our uniforms all around the globe. 

Selection of projects

Our most recent customized projects:

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