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Dressing Baby Suite - maternity centre

Comfort, design and personalization. On the occasion of the expansion of its successful clinic, Baby Suite asked us for a change of look to create the ideal image for its new centre.

If you are a mother or you want to become one, I'm sure you know Baby Suite! In fact, in Norvil, we are very fans of its founder, Paula Camarós. If you don't know her yet, you can't lose her YouTube channel or Instagram, full of tips on motherhood and super professional content. So, you can imagine how proud Norvil was when Paula contacted us to make her team uniform.

But first, let's put ourselves in context:
Baby Suite is a maternity centre located in Madrid that was created with the aim of offering all families the possibility of receiving personalised treatment in an extremely professional environment during a unique moment in their lives. 

Behind the success of Baby Suite is a team of extraordinary health professionals ranging from technicians specialising in emotional ultrasound and infant massage; experts in physical activity and sport, who take care of the body of the breasts during pregnancy and postpartum;  physiotherapists specialising in infant respiratory physiotherapy, digestive and respiratory disorders; midwives specialising in breastfeeding and pediatric nursing; psychologists; BLW trainers and experts in infant sleep; paediatricians specialising in newborns; an embryologist and many more to come, because this clinic never stops growing!

At the head of this great team is Paula Camarós. Matron and founder of Baby Suite. Paula, motivated by being able to make known 'another maternity', in which parents can bring their baby into the world in a respectful and humanised environment, created the maternity centre in 2017. 

Due to its great success, the company decided to take a big step: expand the clinic! And with the change of clinic, comes also, the change of look! That's how Paula contacted Norvil looking for a uniform for the whole Baby Suite team that could match the image of their new centre. 


Taking into account that this is a uniform for the healthcare staff, we wanted comfort to be more important than ever. In the clinic, the girls spend many hours in constant movement, either giving first aid workshops, childbirth preparation, doing ultrasound scans, giving massages to mothers and babies, among many other services that, as you can see, are not at all 'static'. 

Baby Suite is also about image. They take great care of the centre's image, as well as that of the staff. That is why, in addition to comfort, we proposed a corporate wardrobe with a very careful design. 

With all this as a premise, the result was as follows:

  • Customized 1140 tunic with embroidered logo and 1709 trousers: We thought this look was ideal for them. The 'soft touch' finish fabric is stretchy and breathable, providing an excellent level of comfort. 
  • Coat 1067: A different and very stylish coat. Made from the same fabric as the coat and trousers.
  • Tunic 1053: A short tunic with a comfortable elastic structure on the sides and sleeves.



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