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Guide for choosing a beauty & healthcare uniform

The corporate wear in the Beauty & Healthcare sector is essential to reflect a professional and well-cared appearance.


This means that it must represent the company's image, following some guidelines that serve to identify the centre's employees and generate a feeling of trust between its clients.

Specific needs for your professional beauty and healthcare uniform

It is also important to note the specific characteristics of the profession:

  • Worker protection to the risks of the job.
  • Comfort to facilitate work during the day. 
  • Design that reflects the company's brand image and values.
  • Quality. It is important for fabrics to be resistant, as we are talking about garments for daily use and washing. 


In Norvil, thinking of this type of customer, we have designed a range of garments adapted to the characteristics of the sector. In our Beauty & Healthcare catalogue you will find elegant garments that follow the latest fashion trends.  

The importance of Security at the workplace

It is important to keep in mind that your workers are exposed to different risks. First of all, they use different chemicals every day, such as dyes or nail polish. In addition, they also use cutting and pointed tools, such as scissors or razors. In Norvil we have specific workwear for the Beauty & Healthcare sector, for more information please contact us.

How should a Beauty & Healthcare professional's workwear look like?

Regarding the characteristics and activity of the professions in this sector, an important requirement will be to choose stain-resistant uniforms. In salons, beauty and wellness centres people work with chemical products (dyes, creams, oils, etc.) that can create stains on work clothes. One option to prevent this is to choose bib aprons or coats that are placed over the uniform to protect it.

Cotton and polyester are the best fabrics, resistant and comfortable. They are transpirable fabrics and polyester is very resistant to washing.

What type of garments are most suitable?

  • Comfortable trousers that allow freedom of movement, for example, models with elastic waistband, transpirable and comfortable fabrics for a long working day. 
  • Tunics. The mao collar is one of the trends in the beauty and hospitality sectors. Regular and push buttons and zips are more convenient for quick dressing and undressing. We recommend our 1170 tunic, with its antibacterial microfibre fabric that is highly resistant to bleach stains and water-repellant finish that repels liquids.
  • Footwear It is important that they have a non-slip sole, are breathable and have an anatomical shape to facilitate blood circulation. Sanitary shoes have become popular in this sector, as they have all the characteristics and can be easily disinfected.
  • Chasubles and aprons to protect clothes from stains and splashes. Discover our waterproof bib apron 661, made with an impermeable fabric that repels liquids and resists humidity, forming a protective barrier that prevents liquid stains from penetrating.
  • Disposable products. Hygienic products designed to protect you, so they are usually made of materials such as propylene. This is also a reusable material. See our Norvil Protect Collection.

Tips for choosing the best Beauty & Healthcare outfit

As we have already seen, the most important thing is that it is comfortable to work with, that it takes into account the appropriate safety measures (resistant to chemicals and cutting tools) and that it is high-quality for daily use. But if you are looking for a more specific design, you want to customized workwear or you cannot find the ideal solution for your business, Norvil can help you.

We analyse the needs of the workplace and take into account the company's brand image, creating exclusive, customized solutions. In addition, we work with the best design professionals to bring style and elegance to our garments. A good example of this is our elegant spa and wellness uniforms. They perfectly combine design, comfort and quality.