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The Asturian Quality Club includes Norvil in the Ecodesign project 2021 with Gijón Impulsa

As part of our personal commitment to be more sustainable (Norvilogy Philosophy) we decided to participate in the Asturian Quality Club proposal for the Gijón Ecodesign initiative.

Being part of this project has helped us to be more eco-conscious mentality in our garments’ design.

At Norvil we conceive Ecodesign as an important competitive advantage, not only because of the cost savings and the positive environmental impact that it generates by helping to promote the Circular Economy, but also because it is a discipline that aligns the management organizations’ management with principles of the European Green Deal and the 2030 Agenda.

The product chosen for ecodesign belongs to our Beauty and Health line: it is a women’s tunic made from recycled polyester of plastic bottles found in landfills and sustainably grown cotton.

By recycling polyester fibers we are spending 20% less water than in the manufacture of common polyester and at the same time we recycle plastic bottles that would take more than 1000 years to biodegrade. The cotton comes from BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) plantations that take care of the social and economic environment of the plantation and the people who manufacture it. This fabric has ecological textile certificates OEKO TEX STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) and OEKO TEX class 1 as a guarantee of sustainability.


The scope of this project focused on obtaining raw materials, without taking into account their transport to the factory. Regarding the processes, the ironing was studied.

For this, a life cycle analysis was carried out, a tool that looks at all the processes (and the energy consumed) that the materials have had to pass from their extraction to their end of life. The ISO 14040 standard defines it as “a technique to determine the environmental aspects and potential impacts associated with a product”.

Among the proposals for improvement, we can highlight the use of alternative dyeing techniques and obtaining the European Eco-label. Actions that our Management Team will value in order to continue improving our CSR plan.