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Clothing that convey well-being: the Natura fabric

Every day we are more aware of the importance of nature, the environment or natural products in our daily lives, and we have already realized that by using too many chemicals we are damaging planet Earth and our own organism.

Thanks to the great awareness that is being given they are emerging new business models that try to become camouflaged with the environment and respect it to preserve its essence. A clear example of that is Tierra del Agua. This rural and ecotourism accommodation, located in the heart of the Redes Natural Park in Asturias, merges perfectly with its landscape and invites its guests to disconnect and enjoy a natural gastronomy in its restaurant, where all products come from local and regional suppliers, or relax in the Spa with wonderful views of the Natural Park, try their delightful therapies and treatments, let the hours pass in its infinity pool and try the outdoor Nordic bath.

In case after a Spa time guests want some more, in Tierra del Agua you can continue with the disconnection on its terraces, one of them panoramic in which you can enjoy the lush Asturian landscape and the other, a chill area where comfort and spirituality come together in equal parts.

In addition to the offer to take care of body and mind, in Tierra del Agua you can celebrate all type of events with family and friends. The rural accommodation has different spaces such as the Llagar where you can hold meetings while tasting or even preparing by yourself a delicious traditional and local cider.

A place to get lost and take a peaceful rest for a few days. Your body and your mind will be grateful for.

Fabrics for well-being

How could not it be less, this type of business must convey its natural philosophy and we perfectly know this in Norvil. For this reason, we have among our products with the Natura fabric line since 2017.

Clothing made with this fabric has the characteristic of being very versatile and they are ideal for sectors related to beauty and well-being, such as: Spa staff, physiotherapists, hotel entertainment... In short anyone who needs comfortable garments and adaptable clothes to their work.

What are the advantages of Natura fabric in garments?

As a good cotton garment it has all the advantages and none of its disadvantages. For example, these high-endurance and color-lasting fibers make moisture rapidly evaporate by concentrating it in its outer side.

Clothes do not need to be ironed, they show no deformation along its lifetime and they resist industrial washing, favoring rapid evaporation to keep skin dry and odor free. These make them very comfortable and easy to take care for. And finally, they are very soft and pleasant touch garments.

To show how well the Nature fabric fits in this type of business, our friends from Tierra del Agua have allowed us to make a small photo session at their place. What a better natural environment than this to show the benefits of our fabric!

If you consider this clothing can fit in your business, we invite you to contact us. We will solve all your doubts and we will be delighted to help you to find the perfect workwear for your company.