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Details that make the difference

The corporate wear is a key element in any type of job that requires it. At Norvil, we know it and that’s why we take care in detail every design that shapes our different collections, designs where the importance relies on the small details.

Uniforms tailored to each customer’s needs

When we talk about workwear, we talk about adaptability. Each uniform requires of position within a job. So that the result should not be just pretty, but it is essential that also suits the needs of the worker. 

At Norvil, we have around 300.000 items available in stock, each one with its special touch, but all made based on two objectives: employee comfort and customer’s look: the first impression is key.

As an example of that: our collection of garments for the hospitality sector. We produce versatile designs to make workers feel comfortable with every movement and from anywhere.

Unique collections for any labor sector

Hospitality industry is not the only one in which we work. At Norvil, we take care of the workwear of many labor sectors: healthcare, leisure, transport, service…

Each of the clothing has its own colors and characteristics that are perfectly suited to the demand of each job.

Custom designs: you ask, we make it real!

If you prefer, we can also start a design from a scratch. 

As specialists in corporate clothing, we adapt our resources to your needs, offering a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who will shape your idea into a successful workwear. All through the latest technology machinery that allows us to work under three of our basic principles: quality, comfort and unique design.

If you are interested and you would like to know more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you and find the perfect uniform for your business.