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Interview with Ana Alonso, Head of International Department

Still on the subject of ‘interviews with Norvil employees´ for the company’s 40th Company Anniversary, we want to introduce you the kind, decisive voice of Norvil’s International department: Ana Alonso. She is able to carry out large uniformity projects in 3 different languages with multiple countries.

If you are lucky enough to have worked with her, or if you would like her to carry out your company's corporate clothing project, keep on reading, you will be amazed at what she is capable of!

Ana, when did you start working at Norvil? Tell us a bit about your career in the company and what you like most about working at Norvil.
I am proud to say that I have been part of the Norvil’s team for over 20 years. I have grown and learned from all my colleagues since its beginning. It has been a job that has required a lot of effort and dedication, but thanks to the trust of our clients and this magnificent team, we have achieved a quality position in the international corporate image market.
What I like the most is solving challenges. Clients from other countries who entrust their projects to us are looking for innovative and very creative pattern designs, in addition to careful manufacturing and excellent logistics coordination. Getting solutions to their ideas and making them feel satisfied with the result is what excites me the most about my job.

Do you think it is possible to reconcile family life and work with a position of responsibility?
I am glad to know that every day more companies continue developing measures to balance family and career.  I am sure that it contributes to strengthening the company / worker relationship. At Norvil I have always had the support in this matter, we have always found formulas to combine work and personal life.
Our CSR program already has many advances in these and other terms and we highly value all the steps that are being taken in this sense.

You are in charge of managing workwear projects, most of them personalized to the customer needs and for large international accounts. Could you highlight any of them which you are particularly proud of? 
What is your ´dream project´? To whom would you like to work with when it comes to changing the complete workwear image? 

One of the last projects I have been most excited about was the collaboration we have had with the group The Ascott in Singapore. We have won the European tender for the development and supply of the new collection of corporate uniforms for the chain of Citadines residences that the group has throughout Europe. Almost 50 establishments in 8 countries. It is a very ambitious project and we know that both managers and workers have been very satisfied with the service provided.
The chain Dean&David, which has almost 200 locations all over Germany, together with the collaboration of our partner in the area, have also trusted us to supply them with uniforms that reflect their philosophy of enthusiasm, closeness and transmission of values of health and sustainability.

What is your dream regarding a client project? Who would you love to wear?
I like to work with those companies that have clear objectives in terms of the image they want to transmit and who seek professional excellence. In the international department we have developed personalized corporate image projects for multiple sectors, in addition to the hotel division that most characterizes us, we have created designs for beauty and health centers, sports events, trade fairs, cruises, airlines or philharmonic. I remember some anecdote of all of them and of course also some inconvenience that we finally managed to solve together.
Coca-Cola is one of the companies that I would like to work with. We have been already in contact with its headquarters in United Kingdom. I would be delighted if they entrust us with their corporate wear needs in Europe in the near future. It is a worldwide company with a cutting-edge philosophy and excellence in innovation, a mindset of sustainable business growth where the people around them play an important role. One of his slogans is "Passion for people: invest in people to improve their lives and build a better future for all." I share each one of those values where ethics and sustainability go hand in hand.

Do you think there are differences regarding the preferences and needs of customers in different countries? Do you notice a greater interest towards the sustainable Oxigeno Collection according to the country or type of client?
Yes, there is a big difference depending on the level of cultural and economic development of the country. NORVIL has the capacity to adapt to all needs as we have different product ranges. The Oxygen Collection, which offers a great variety of articles with organic fabrics, grown and produced in an ecological way, has been highly valued internationally. Right now, most of the requests we receive demand a sustainable clothing option and Norvil is ready to provide solutions to all of them.

Lastly, going into the more personal side, what do you like to do when you are not working?How do you enjoy your free time?
I really enjoy my family and friends which is the most important thing for me. I love getting lost in any corner, near or far from home and sharing simple experiences: enjoying a day at the beach, a bike ride, a drink with friends or reading a good book. Being close to my people is what I value the most.