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New technologies and the textile sector

New technologies are part of our lives in almost every sector and in ours, textiles, could not be less. In fact, the textile industry has managed to evolve and greatly improve its manufacturing processes and products thanks to the advances made in recent years.

Many discoveries and advances have been made in this field. Small contributions that step by step have become a reality, which were revolutionary in the past as for example:

  • 1935. Nylon arrives, the first synthetic fiber and with it an entire revolution in the fashion sector.  
  • 1980. The microfiber helped us with the transpiration and the impermeability in the garments.

Nowadays, fashion would not be what it is without the contributions that science has made. The most outstanding in recent years are those described below:


As you already well know, we consider by "wearable" those items or electronic devices that can be worn such as Smartwatches, sneakers with GPS, bracelets that control vital signs. A perfect combination between technology, fashion and health.


Information is a fundamental tool for any sector. Knowing likes and preferences or predicting trends are some of the applications that have data in the fashion industry. Thanks to information, companies will be able to offer their customers more focused and accurate products and services. In our case, modern clothing adapted to each customer’s needs.


Technology has highly helped in the processes of manufacturing, processing and storage with the consequent saving of costs and time. This cost reduction for the company means savings for the end consumer. Automation perfectly applies to our sector.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Being able to enjoy a fashion show is not within everyone's reach, but now thanks to virtual reality you can see it as if you were present, go backstage or even visit stores online. Although it's not the only thing, thanks to technology you can try on the clothes you want without having to undress. A real advantage for the laziest people!

Sustainable Fashion

We couldn't forget the sustainable fashion that is being talked about more and more every day, because thanks to technology new materials and processes have been created that help to take care of and protect our most precious natural asset, the environment. 

At Norvil we are aware of the rapid advances and changes taking place in our sector. For this reason, we are constantly working to incorporate the latest technologies into our production processes and garments. If you are interested in finding out more about our company and products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to chat with you.