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Norvil comes into the food trucks’ world

Probably you have already heard about the already famous food trucks that from a few years have been taking part of festivals, fairs, parties, or any other event celebrated as outdoors event. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy of a good quality food “on the street”. These gourmet food trucks cook the delights of the “foodie” community, people who want to seize their time without giving up an original proposal.

They key of the food truck’s experience relies on the style of each proposal and on the coordination of different factors. It is useless to sell the best hamburger if you are not able to attract potential customers. That’s why workers’ uniforms from these restaurants on wheels are a key element to get these details to shine. This standard is well known by our friends from La Pepita, who have wore our chef jackets and aprons during the Metrópoli festival in Gijón, Spain, with the style that characterizes them to offer their customers this plus of quality that can be seen at a glance.. As we always say: the first impression is key. 

What have we done?

La Pepita has several restaurants all located around Spain. Their value proposition consist on evolving from a traditional hamburger to a hamburger with the best raw materials and the best preparation. Their moving restaurant is in charge of touring the festivals of the Spanish territory, showing customers that casual but classy style that characterizes them. 

La Pepita does not only takes care of their dishes but also of its image and its employees’ corporate wear both in restaurantes and in its food truck project: #LaPepitaOnTheRoad. For this project they have turn a bus from the south of England into a moving restaurant to enjoy of a good hamburger outdoors. 

To dress workers of this type of bars on wheels, Norvil proposes an informal and fresh look that fits perfectly with the philosophy of the food trucks and the atmosphere of the festivals.

Uniforms which are made with organic and recycled fabrics will be available online on the website of Norvil from September. Many food trucks not only seek to have a gourmet experience in the street, they also want that the great food experience damage to the least possible the environment.

As you can notice, quality uniforms and work clothing are not only for restaurants or hotels. You just need to know what you want to convey with the uniform to find a proper one for your employees. On this occasion, as you can see from the picture, The Pepitas´s informal look brings that quality touch to its staging.

So you know, no matter the type of business you have, but the image you want to transmit. Whether a more formal business or one completely casual, your company needs a corporate wear that expresses what your brand is about and how this differs from the others. 

Are you interested in taking one step further in your brand image? Looking to give a new look to your business? Then, do not hesitate to contact us, we will study your case and will offer a unique and appropriate proposal to your business.