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Oxigeno, our sustainable uniforms

In the section Norvilogy, our philosophy that illustrates and includes all the actions that we carry out regarding Corporate Social Responsibility, we gave you some hints about our upcoming collection of sustainable uniforms: OXÍGENO.

Recently, we have launched the first prototypes and we were honored that Chef Lara Roguez, Head of the Restoration Department of the Acuario de Gijón (Aquarium of Gijón), wore our first sustainable jacket during the SALENOR event on February 18th.

In this event, Lara presented "taking advantage of the seabed" a showcooking on how to use the super nutritive algae in our diet. After the event, Lara told us that she felt very happy and comfortable wearing our jacket, which was very successful among the attendees.


Lara´s jacket was made of recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, cotton and Natura fabric, also made from plastic bottles in a 50%. The Natura fabric is not only environmentally-friendly, but it is also an ideal fabric for chef´s jackets given that it has all the advantages of cotton and none of its disadvantages. This fiber transports moisture to the outer side, does not need ironing and they show no deformation along its lifetime.

In our upcoming sustainable collection, you will not only find chef´s jacket but also eco-friendly uniforms for hotel front desks, cleaning staff, clinics, wellness centers and so on.

These uniforms are perfect for all those who plan to take a step further in relation to your corporate social responsibility or for those who simply care about the environment and want to make a contribution on the future of our planet by introducing the use of eco-friendly and recycled uniforms among their employees.