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We revitalized our brand while keeping alive the company´s origin.

2021 came making great strides: we have launched a new brand image!

These last few months we have been working on the restyling of the Norvil brand, revitalizing our visual identity while keeping alive the company´s origin.

It was a process that took us back to our beginnings and led us to reflect on who we were when we started, what and how we are now, that is, our identity as an organization, and who we want to be in the upcoming years, how we want to be perceived.

We had clear that the new brand image should maintain the essence and values ​​of that family business that began its journey in 1980 with a reduced collection of work shirts and work clothes. However, we also knew that, keeping alive the same values ​​of 40 years ago, we had to be able to communicate our current position. That is to say: Norvil, far from being a shirt manufacturer, it is today capable of carrying out large projects of customized uniforms for all types of sectors.

With that as a premise, we immersed ourselves in an exciting restyling process, in which several departments actively participated and from which the following was born:

New Slogan: 'Norvil feels your uniform'.

We wanted a slogan that conveyed emotions and that, in turn, clearly defined what we do, with which we feel clearly identified. We also wanted to communicate that Norvil is a brand for all those sectors for which the uniform is much more than a garment. We frequently meet customers who come to us because they need their employees' uniforms to truly convey the essence of their business and to help them create a sense of belonging among their team. We are not only talking about clients such as hotels and restaurants, but also more and more sectors such as industry, sanitation, transport, among others, have this need. Ultimately, we wanted our clients to be able to 'feel' their uniform, because that's how we do it. And that is how our slogan was born.

The logo

We have also reinterpreted our iconic logo by changing to a more modern, transparent and easy-to-read type while our colors, blue and orange, remaing unchanged. Because we believe that these two colors say a lot about us:

Orange: a color that represents our energy, ambition and strength when it comes to tackling projects, as well as joy and optimism, which are needed to start 2021.

Blue: represents our professionalism and transmits closeness, friendship, trust and credibility. All of them are feelings that are achieved with reciprocity and a good relationship with our clients.

However, we were missing something else. Apart from the type-only look, we wanted a ´friend´ for our logotype and so we create a symbol.

The symbol

By joining the initial of our name together with our distinctive graphic element, the point of letter i, we create a simple icon that gives a creative, modern and fun touch to all our uniforms and visual elements.

We have also worked on the structure of our brand unifying the different brands that we had so far under the Norvil umbrella. From now on, you will see that our sub-brands Oxigeno, Norvil Protect and those to come will always be accompanied by the mother brand, that is, the Norvil brand.

Finally, in the upcoming months, you will see how our new visual identity will rest in a harmonized look. You will find it in each of the elements that communicate our brand, from our boxes, through commercial documents, packaging to labels, buttons and other accessories. In short, we have created a fresher and funnier identity that still maintains its origins and is easily recognized by our clients. Because we are still the same as always, the same company that 'feels your uniforms', approachable and professional but more creative and innovative than ever before.