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The hotel uniforms

The hotel Uniforms are an important part in a company that belongs to the tourist sector, the uniforms convey an important message to the hotel guest and also for the hotel´s workers.

The uniforms provide to the hotel´s workers a sense of belonging and a positive and professional image for the customers. The brand image must be communicated through the hotel uniforms and other methods.

From the point of view of our guests, it will be one of the first impressions they receive and it is already known that there is only a first impression.

From the worker´s side the uniforms convey an image of the company in which they work, this uniform must be high quality, comfortable and practical because they stand the test of time. For that reason, the materials used to make the uniforms have to be of the highest quality.

Norvil uses top quality materials that guarantee the good condition of the uniforms year after year, because for us, the corporate imagen of your hotel is our corporate imagen.