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Tips to determine your dress size

Has it ever happened to you that you wear a size from a brand, but when you buy a different one, that size may vary? What a mess! Determining the correct dress size can be more complicated than it seems, especially when buying online.

We want to help you to solve this problem! It is all about really knowing your body measurements to find out your correct size.

How to get the sizes right when shopping online

Do you need help to determine your measurements? In the video below we help you to measure your body to find out your Norvil´s dress size. The process for getting your body measurements is simple: grab a cloth measuring tape , a pen and a piece of paper, watch this video and write down your measures.

Afterwards, you can compare this measures with our Size Chart or  with the individual size chart in the product sheet of our online shop.


Below we show you our 'size guide' so that you can compare your measurements with those in this guide and find out which size corresponds to you.

Man. You need your neck, chest and waist measurements.

Women. You need your chest, waist and hip measurements.