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The importance of workwear to improve ergonomics

When it comes to workwear we should not forget a fundamental part: its adaptation to the specific job needs. Work clothes should not be just a uniform with an original design, but they also should help the employee to perform their tasks in the most comfortable and functional way possible.

Before digging deeper into the importance of work clothes at the workplace, we will make a brief reminder of what ergonomics means. This term refers to a discipline that tries to adapt the tools, tasks and the workplace to the needs of the employees.

Its ultimate goal is to reduce occupational risks and work-related diseases, and to maximize the welfare of the workers.

What do we understand by an ergonomic workwear?

Once we have clarified what ergonomics actually means, we are going to apply it to work clothes. For a uniform to be considered ergonomic it must be adapted to the employee´s movements and it must provide comfort and to be safe, which translates into a work cloth that regulates the temperature and provide safety to the employees while performing their daily tasks.

An ergonomic uniform benefits the employees and the company in three key points:

  1. Protection against the intrinsic risks arising from the job function being performed.
  2. It favors productivity since the employees feel more comfortable performing their daily tasks resulting in a higher level of efficiency.
  3. They guarantee hygiene and cleanliness.

How do we distinguish our uniforms from competitors?

Each of the uniforms manufactured at Norvil have been designed to meet a series of requirements (technical, ergonomic and aesthetic) and quality standards.

  1. The principles of ergonomics at the workplace. The clothing must adapt to the employee´s movements providing comfort at all times.
  2. The quality and technical standards such as ease of maintenance, cleanliness and if it efficiently meets the requirements to the job position that it is aimed to.
  3. An exclusive design that adjusts to the needs of each of our customers. In addition to being up-to-date in designs, textures and fabrics, we also take into account the tastes and needs of each client to offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

Once we have reached this point, we kindly invite you to visit our website where you can request all the information you may need. We will be delighted to help your company to find the most appropriate uniform for your employees.