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Norvil collaborates with the theatre play RINO BLANCO

This summer, the production manager of the film Rino Blanco, produced by Jaibo Films, contacted Norvil to collaborate with this new initiative.e

Becket and the white Rhino is a project that wants to break a taboo about mental health through a journey with patients whose daily life with their participation in the creation of a teathre play. It is a challenge, because people with mental health problems due to medication suffer radical and very visible changes in their appearance, behaviour, mobility and mood.

Adán, the director, wanted the patients of the Cris Alicante rehabilitation and integration centre to be dressed as doctors in the theatre sequence. Due to the medication almost all of them are overweight. For this reason we thought of our BATM03 model HYGIENIC REUSABLE GOWN OPEN BACK.

Bata higiénica reutilizable

This hygienic and reusable gown have ribbons to adjust waist, a back neckline and elastic cuff, allowing it to fit any body type or size.

It belongs to our Norvil Protect collection, our line of products designed to protect you and others.

Norvil protect

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In this collection we have worked as a basic concept the comfort in the daily work of the personnel in the care, beauty, wellness and cleaning sectors, among others.

Because we don´t only want all of them to wear our uniforms, we also want them to FEEL them.