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Norvil in Première Vision Paris

Our design and product team has travelled to the French capital to promote our brand and learn about the latest trends in fashion and sustainable textile technology. Don't miss the details.

One of the most internationally recognised events in the textile world took place this week. A trade fair that serves as a meeting point for fashion agents and becomes a driving force for new opportunities. A place of inspiration where the latest trends are exhibited and this year 2023 has eco-responsible fashion as its protagonist.

Prèmiere Vision Paris is celebrated two times a year and brings together more than 1,200 exhibitors divided into 9 universes (yarns, fabrics, leather, designs, accessories, etc.) with an audience of more than 23,000 visitors and an international presence of more than 65%. The exhibition brings together in the French capital the prestigious events PrèmierVision Leather, PrèmiereVision Yarns, PrèmiereVision Fabrics, PrèmierVision Designs, PrèmiereVision Accesories and PrèmiereVision Manufacturing; and hosts specialised conferences on innovation in the sector, seminars on fashion or brand development, sustainable technology applied to fashion, etc.

Thanks to Sociedad de Promoción Exterior Principado de Asturias S.A. (ASTUREX), which organised the visit to this fair, and together with two other Asturian companies, from 7 to 9 February we enjoyed an opportunity to promote the sector and to establish and reinforce very interesting agreements for our Norvil brand.

The participation in this fair is part of the international promotion plan for the fashion sector designed by ASTUREX for the year 2023, which includes visits to five international fairs, the Asturias Fashion forum, a promotion in the Zalando Marketplace and a collaboration project with Portugal, as well as a digital promotion project through and social networks, to improve the branding and visibility of brands in European markets. Fair website: