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Recognise our visual elements, logotype and isotype what's the difference?

At the beginning of the year, we published information about our new corporate image in our blog.

The result of a process developed by our Marketing and Design Departments in which the rest of the team also participated with enthusiasm thinking in a better future.

As we explained in our previous post, we not only change the logo, but also the typography, the color palette, the applications, ...

To do so, we use 2 visual representations of the brand: logotype and isotype. Below, we explain the differences:

  • The logotype is the graphic representation of the word norvil (we play with typographies, color, ... but it is only one word).
  • The isotype is just the icon or symbol not accompanied by the word norvil.


We decided not to create an imagotype (which is the union of both) or isologotype (integration of one into the other) because we did not want to be visually redundant and because sometimes, we include in the logo our slogan "feel your uniform".

Since then, we have been gradually implementing these elements not only in our internal communication channels, but also through our customer contact channels: on our website, social networks (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn), and in our garments or accessories (labels, brackets, waistbands, ...).

Regarding social networks, we chose our logotype, the word norvil. We wanted to be known and reach our customers by giving as much information as possible about who we are.

As far as the implementation of the brand in the garments and accessories is concerned, let's go deeper into the reasons that moved our Design and Product Departments to choose the right visual element:

Flap NorvilThe flaps of the garments: it was decided to use only the icon and on the outside of the garments (which is a trend) as a distinctive and recognisable element at first glance. Currently, all the aprons in the New 2021 Collection already have them.

Pretina NorvilThe internal waistband (belt placed on the inside of the trousers waistband to hold the shirts): we alternated icon and logo, tone on tone, given the more sober character of the garments in which this element is applied (suiting), for which we emphasised the volume instead of the colour.

Corchete NorvilIn the brackets, only the icon was used, dispensing the colour and highlighting the volume as a stamp.


We are still working on the implementation of the new brand of design uniforms and work clothes. we will inform you soon about new developments.