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Ruth R. Benerito, the inventor of "easy care"

There are many women who made crucial contributions to science and investigation in their time. They contributed to a better future for all of us. Do you know the woman who made a revolution in the textile industry? 

Today Norvil would like to honor one of our greatest heroines, Ruth R. Benerito, read on and find all the reasons why.

Who is Ruth Rogan Benerito?

Coinciding with the anniversary of her birth on 12 January 1916, we would like to remember an American chemist who, thanks to her scientific research, achieved important advances for the textile world.

During her career, this scientist obtained a large number of patents, most remarkable thanks to the invention of "wash and wear". She became famous because she discovered how to treat cotton so that the fabrics obtained from it did not wrinkle or wrinkled much less, repelled stains and were resistant to fire.

Permanent cotton press or "easy care"

Nowadays, due to the " hurries " of modern life, we cannot imagine a world without the " easy care " or permanent ironing of cotton. Thanks to this chemical treatment of cotton fabrics, we spend less time ironing clothes and our garments look wrinkle-free from the washing line to the wardrobe. For many people, this is a huge step ahead for the humanity!

Do you know some of our "easy iron" models? Our 100% cotton 128/728 shirts, our 1127 tunics, the 88 unisex trousers and our TRAVEL tailoring line are some of the most popular models requested by our customers. 

Thanks to the great advances of Ruth R. Benerito and the "easy care" our desing uniforms are the result of the perfect combination: practical, resistant and with high quality.