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Oricio's Club transformed in El Bigote de Somoza, trusts in Norvil for his team's uniforms

As a consequence of the pandemic, the restaurant sector was severely affected. Many establishments had to say goodbye to their customers and close their doors. Others found in it the opportunity to renovate their businesses. Here is a clear example of success: “every cloud has a silver lining”.

Oricio's Club was for many years one of the reference pubs in the heart of the old town of Gijón, located in a quiet area and a step from the City Council and the beach. 

Characterised by its distinguished style and good atmosphere, it became an essential meeting point for locals and tourists in the area. A place to enjoy good music (80's, Disco, Funky, Spanish, ...) and famous for its premium Gins or Vodkas.

Due to the hard impact on nightlife as a result of COVID-19, its owners, Luis Peón and Pepe Teleña, decided to reinvent themselves. They started up a new project with great enthusiasm, which they called "El Bigote de Somoza".


From pub to beer bar and custom uniform

This new name involved many changes, the first was to focus on the day and the first drink of the night, another was the decoration, giving a special place to the tanks, they introduced a pioneering initiative, the option of being able to take bottles of beer home and finally they contacted Norvil because they wanted to transmit their new business essence through the uniformity of their employees.

The Norvil team felt very fortunate to be chosen to participate in this local project with so much personality.

Our client was looking for their employees' uniforms transmit sensations (comfort, feeling at home), style (to differentiate themselves from other breweries in the area), good service (proximity and good treatment) and quality (premium beers).

An important challenge that our sales team, infected by the positivism and good energy of our client, carried out with great enthusiasm and motivation.

The result was the personalized look that we present below:

  • Chef jacket 1510: a traditional and elegant Chef jacket with reversible fastener and detachable buttons or snap fasteners.
  • Striped T-shirt: to give them a chic look.
  • PIM-POM bib and short aprons: super original, with their vivid and cheerful colored ribbons and their multiple functional and fun pockets.



If, like 'El Bigote de Somoza', you would like to personalize your uniforms with your logo, ask us about a customized design.