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The Intercontinental Madrid Hotel uniformed by Norvil, an example of sophistication and elegance

One of the most renowned hotels in the capital, the Intercontinental Madrid has been trusting Norvil for years to dress its team. Located in a central area, it is the most dynamic place for accommodation, meetings and events in the city. A classic uniform, but with a lot of style. Discover our project together. 

Haven't you heard about the Intercontinental Hotel in Madrid?

For the most cosmopolitan and lovers of the "big city", the Intercontinental Madrid is the ideal refuge, as it is the mirror of the charm and passion of Madrid life. 

Its spectacular marble lobby gives you the sensation of being the protagonist of a film. 

For those who enjoy gastronomic tourism, the Sunday brunch is an excellent option to recharge your batteries and the ideal stop for a morning of shopping in the luxury fashion boutiques of the Salamanca neighborhood or a visit to the important international museums located in the area.
Our project with this elegant hotel has its beginnings in 2016.

The hotel has 302 rooms distributed over 7 floors. We had the opportunity to visit "the suite", to be inside is to feel the historical heritage of this emblematic hotel. And the restaurant... we loved the detail with which the menu is prepared and the taste of the delicious food. A place to celebrate any stage of life. 

Classic and elegant uniforms for a luxury hotel

Our proposal wanted to combine the history of the old palaces of the Spanish nobility of 1800, elegance and luxury with the functionality of the dynamic and cosmopolitan life of the city. A stylish, comfortable and quality uniform.

Choice of uniforms for restaurant staff

  • Waiters

For Restaurant we chose our ELASTIA tailoring line, an elastic and versatile fabric. The Maître should always be recognized at events due to his important role, so we chose a dinner jacket and bow tie that reminds us to Frank Sinatra or James Bond. The pleated trousers, something that never goes out of fashion. 


  • Banqueting staff 

The rest of the banqueting staff maintain the elegance and discretion characteristic of the hotel with a black mao collar jacket, a basic that never fails. And the bartender, the center of attention at events, wears a waistcoat with a concealed button fastening, which gives him a touch of distinction.

Governesses' uniforms

The governesses, the position of maximum responsibility for housekeeping, had to be up to the task. For them we chose our microsatin top with a frontal pleat in passion red, a fabric that never wrinkles with a satin effect similar to silk, which we all associate with luxury and wellness. 


Uniforms for the maintenance staff of a luxury hotel

Finally, maintenance, a department that is not often talked about, but just as important as the rest, as they solve incidents and maintain the hotel in all its splendor. We offered them resistant, high quality, very comfortable and functional models that give them freedom of movement without losing the line of the rest of the departments.

Our relationship has been maintained all these years and proof of this is that we continue to provide them with uniforms and they have shared with us the images that we show you in this post and that you can also see on their instagram.

Are you looking for a team uniform? Then, just like we did with Intercontinental Madrid, we can help you to make your brand recognizable anywhere, contact us!