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As specialists in Corporate Wear, Norvil's collections are always inspiring. We offer to our customers many years of experience working in this industry which translates into a specific know-how and high knowledge of the corporate wear´s needs of each profession.

The transport industry brings together companies as varied as airlines, cruise line firms, bus, rail and courier service businesses. All of them can find their uniform at Norvil.

For the airlines companies, we offer corporate wear for pilots, flight attendants and handling personnel. Here, the image and the personalization of the uniform take on special relevance since clothing is a very important part of the corporate identity of the company. At Norvil, we take care of all the details and offer high-quality products and a completely innovative design.

Our tailoring line is made with high-quality fabrics which are easy to iron and machine washable. With them, you will always look perfect.

Regarding cruise line companies, they use a host of different workwear. Attendants, sailors, waiters, cooks, entertainers, cleaning staff, they all fit on the cruise and they all can be uniformed by Norvil.

In land transport companies, the uniforms for drivers and couriers have different needs. In both cases, there are two determining factors for the design and manufacture of uniforms: the large amount of driving hours in and the importance of the ´time factor´. Therefore, it is important for the uniform to be a comfortable and versatile tool.

At Norvil, considering the needs of each profession, we design and manufacture comfortable and breathable uniforms for drivers and couriers. Besides that, we also have into account safety by including high visibility elements in our workwear. 

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We also know that you may need a customized design, so remember that we have a team of specialists in launching projects that can make a difference for your brand.