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At Norvil we love uniforms and that is the reason why we have created the most versatile corporate wear collections for each profession. 

Being aware of the fact that uniforms for hotel´s employee are a key element to make a big impression on customers, we have taken care of the finest details while always combining style and comfort.  We manufacture and design work and corporate clothing for the hospitality sector with high-quality selected materials adapted to the latest trends in design.


Let the reception staff reaches your guests by making a first good impression when they have an initial contact with them at the front-desk area. At Norvil, we know the importance of a well done job. Therefore, we take special care of all the process, from fabric selection to the final finishing of the clothes, always having into consideration the functional aspect of the uniforms according to the particular needs of each profession.

Catering sector

Catering is a universe of small details where a personalized attention carries a relevant weight in the experience that your customer will perceive: from customer service to the most specific work at the kitchen. They are two different worlds.

Choose the uniforms that best suit the professional requirements of the different functions of your personnel and make the difference that your business needs.

Moreover, we can offer you the possibility of creating something unique for your brand since we are specialist in designing customized uniforms. For that, we can put at your disposal a qualified team that can help you develop a unique, exclusive and personalized project adapted to your needs.

Discover this way of working with us!