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Let the reception staff reaches your guests by making a first good impression when they have an initial contact with them at the front-desk area. At Norvil, we know the importance of a well done job. Therefore, we take special care of all the process, from fabric selection to the final finishing of the clothes, always having into consideration the functional aspect of the uniforms according to the particular needs of each profession.

If there is something that characterizes a hotel, it is the wide range of different professional profiles that come together under the same brand, from the doorman and front desk staff to housekeepers or any other complementary area such as maintenance and entertainment. They are all specific job positions with different needs, but all of them can find at Norvil the same references: quality, durability and design, with the skill that we have to always adapt to the specific needs of each customer.

What image would you like to convey to your customers? In our Hospitality section you will find many options for each of your business units.

You can access the product sheet of each model by clicking on the image.

Moreover, if you need a personalized design, remember that we have a team of professionals specialized in making your corporate wear project come true.